Dubrovnik, it is just much more then the movie set.It is a historical walk-in museum. Rich in history and cultural architecture. It is a city of pride and freedom, not just an icon of certain TV series.Back in the days it was a republic standing for itself amongst one of the biggest forces that ran the Balkans and Mediterranean.Located on the crystal clear Adriatic sea and surrounded with the moutains, Dubrovnik has one of the most spectacular geographical location. Due to that, it was one of the most important centers for trade on the Adriatic throughout the 14th and 15th centuries. Very capable sailors as well as shipbuilders were one of the most important factors in the development of Dubrovnik’s trade. We kept trade from the Mediterranean all the way to China. We were famous merchants, sailors and very skilled negotiators, as well as diplomats.Separate from the rest of Croatia and back then known Europe, we can proudly say we polished diplomacy in the shadow of negotiation while keeping the peace. Dubrovnik offers its visitors many interesting features that you can even discover yourself, such as when you walk one of the most beautiful streets in the world, Stradun, try to find the center of it (hint: a rectangular shaped stone)! Amongst other interesting historical facts stands the one that anyone could do business within the walls, but when it got dark, anyone who was not a resident of the Old Town was not allowed to stay inside the walls.Thus, our misson stands that we want you to experience and touch Dubrovnik in its true way, like a local. Follow us and experience Dubrovnik like it really is.